Atlas Rises update for ‘No Man’s Sky’ will improve story, add fast travel

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Anyone who was disappointed by No Man’s Sky when it launched last year may want to give the game a second look once the far-reaching Atlas Rises update drops this week.

No Man’s Sky launched one year ago, and Hello Games has big plans for the game’s first anniversary. Today, August 9, the developer announced a major update dubbed Atlas Rises, which focuses on improving the space exploration sim’s story, alongside the introduction an often-requested mechanic.

Update 1.3 is set to be made available on all platforms this week, and will make it possible for players to fast travel between locations using portals. Traversing the game’s near-infinite universe can take a while, so this feature should ease some of the tedium of flying from planet to planet.

The studio has been teasing something big for No Man’s Sky for the last two months, engaging fans in an alternate reality game. A total of 250,000 players spread across 174 countries came together to attempt to work out what was going on, according to correspondence from the game’s director Sean Murray that was shared via the game’s website.

This eccentric ARG was called Waking Titan, and it wove an engaging sci-fi story featuring a swathe of audio cassettes and a lovable hamster, as detailed in a report by PCGamesN. It was weird, it was fun, and it has the potential to re-energize the No Man’s Sky community after so many players were disappointed with the game when it launched last year.

Hello Games promised a great deal while No Man’s Sky was in development, and most would agree that the experience didn’t quite live up to expectations. However, the team has worked diligently over the last twelve months to produce a series of free updates.

All going well, Atlas Rises should be a triumph for Hello Games and a treat for fans of the game. The developer deserves a lot of credit for sticking with No Man’s Sky in an attempt to deliver what players were hoping for, instead of simply moving on to a new project and writing it off as a decent attempt.

Murray didn’t announce exactly when update 1.3 would go live, but he did confirm that full patch notes will be made available at that time. No Man’s Sky is available now for the PlayStation 4 and PC.