Get back in your culinary groove with our 5 favorite kitchen gadget deals

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The kitchen is a sacred place. It’s the birthplace of delectable masterpieces, delightful memories, and memorable disasters. Unfortunately, all of these wonderful things take time — time we too often find ourselves lacking. In an effort to put that chef’s hat back on your noggin, we’ve rounded up our five best kitchen gadget deals.

Kilokelvin Heated Butter Knife

kitchen gadget deals buttttter

Imagine the wonderful taste of warm melted butter evenly spread across your morning toast. Sounds great right? The reality is likely far less satisfying. Lumps of cold butter hastily scmeared against the surface probably hits a lot closer to home for most people.

The Kilokelvin Heated Butter knife provides a better way to spread that yellow deliciousness.

With a 1-to-2-minute heat-up time, you’ll be spreading warm butter or melting cold cheese before you know it. Get this awesome butter-spreading knife for just $15 on Amazon after a 51 percent discount.


Black+Decker Programmable Pressure Cooker

kitchen gadget deals pressss

Whether it’s knowing how long to microwave that frozen dish or trying to squeeze a home-cooked meal into your busy schedule, time is an important part of preparing dinner. However, there never seems to be enough of it.

The Black+Decker Programmable Pressure Cooker cuts down on cook time by sealing in heat, steam, and flavor.

It will have you making soups, stews, meats, beans, and rice in less time than ever before. Get this pressure cooker, with cookbook and accessories, for just $62 after a 38 percent discount.


Vremi Electric Wine Opener

kitchen gadget deals vremy

Wine and cooking go together like, well, wine and just about anything. Unfortunately, there’s always one inconvenient nuisance keeping you from that delightful grape nectar –that stubborn cork.

The Vremi Electric Wine Opener does all of that pesky uncorking for you.

Shorten the path between you and your wine so don’t have to waste time getting back to relaxation mode. Pick up this electric wine opener and accessories for just $20 after a 60 percent discount.


Chefman Egg Cooker

kitchen gadget deals chefman

Eggs are incredibly popular and can be found in many common dishes, from quiches to cakes. But cooking with them can sometimes be a struggle, whether it’s an accidental crack or a broken yolk.

The Chefman Egg Cooker takes all of the hassle out of making the perfect egg.

Cook up to six eggs at a time without the mess. Want those eggs poached, hard-boiled, or scrambled? This egg cooker has got your back, and it’s just $18 on Amazon after a 40 percent discount.


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