Kuri is a personal videographer that captures your candid moments

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Sometimes, capturing those candid, fleeting moments in your household can be a challenge. Not so with Kuri Vision from Kuri.

Hiring a photographer or videographer to follow you around all day may not be the most practical (or more saliently, cost-effective) way of documenting your life and capturing its precious moments, but thanks to technology, we may have the next best thing. We first introduced you to the Kuri robot in January, when it made its CES debut. And now, seven months later, the little robot has been blessed with quite a few new features, the most exciting of which may be Kuri Vision.

This latest functionality allows you to record eight home videos every day, each five seconds long. Kuri Vision leverages the company’s recently announced facial recognition feature, as well as some smart tech that prompts the bot to start recording based on the people in the room, the time of day, and location.

While most home devices in the business of recording footage are doing so for the purposes of home security, the Kuri hopes to do something different. This little robot is here to capture candid moments that you might not otherwise notice, but are special even if mundane.

“Kuri can now explore your house and record those valuable moments from your life at home automatically, and even capture moments you might have missed — from pets’ daytime antics, to the kids playing together while you’re making dinner,” the company explained in a blog post.

You can check out Kuri’s footage in the companion mobile app, and select the videos you like and which ones you want to erase. And naturally, the more you use Kuri, the better it knows your tastes, and the better it will be at becoming your personal videographer.

While you can easily share the videos Kuri captures, rest assured that you and only you have control over when and where Kuri begins recording. You can set certain times or day and locations for the bot to explore, and change these preferences at will. And, the company notes, “You’re in control of what happens to the videos, whether you delete them, or share them with the world.”

Ultimately, the team wrote, “The real fun is seeing the candid moments she captures for you, letting you build an album of memories without having to pick up your camera. [Kuri’s] unique perspective gives you a magical new view into life’s memorable moments.”